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Backpack Buying:  The first thing you need before packing for your trip is a good pack.  And there are a lot of things to consider like size, material, brand and more.  This will become your best friend while you are away, so its very important you pick the right one!

Once you have a good backpack, you have to figure out what to put in it!  It is very tempting to load it up, but a good rule of thumb is to only fill your pack 3/4 of the way full.  You will want to leave space for souvenirs or things purchased on your trip along the way.

Another tip I have used when packing is to lay out everything you want to bring, then get rid of half of it.  Overpacking is a huge mistake, and you won’t end up using those heels for a night out or twelve pairs of socks when 5 will do with a good washing.

Sample Packing List: Although packing lists will differ depending on where you are traveling to or what time of year, I have put together one that I use for every trip I go on.  This is a good shell to use for any backpacking trip.


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